The CPS (Card Processing System) Project

Very High Level Functional Description of the system (CPS) to be built

  • "New account build" – create customer records
  • "Authorization transaction processing" – charge request
  • "Call Center Apps" – be able to display customer info and authorization/payment history
  • "Nightly batch" – including processing of payments, generating statements, and any required night-time authorization related processing.

Test Requirements / Plan

  • Test plan needs to show all tests planned to be executed, order of testing, and expected results.
  • Test Results document needs to show, for each test, when first executed, when finally passed test.


  • Analysis (Requirements / functional specification) documented – Feb 6 (See requirements outline )
  • Design (design specification) – Feb 27 (see software design outline)
  • Test Plan – Mar 13 (see Test plan outline)
  • Coding – Apr 24 (use a coherent set of naming conventions and PDS's on the mainframe)
  • Results from testing – May 1 (see Test plan outline)