Lab 3A:
"Do an Auth" – For each record in a Sequential dataset (SSN, auth amount), Read your VSAM dataset (SSN, available) and determine if the request should be approved, and update VSAM dataset (i.e. available should decrease) also display a message when each auth is approved or declined. The request should be approved if the SSN is valid, and the available minus the auth amount plus is greater than or equal to zero. *OPTIONALLY: Before processing, sort the Sequential data set so each account is only processed once.

  • Reuse the VSAM dataset from LAB2C
  • Similar logic to the first program in LAB2C

* Extra Credit LAB 3B:
"Do a customer Inquire" – given an SSN, read the VSAM dataset and display customer info and and customer balance.

* Extra Credit Lab 3C:
Print a statement - loop through all accounts. For each account, print all account details (such as name, address, account limit, current balance).

*Extra Credit Lab 3D:
Process a payment file - A payment file contains a list of records. Each record contains an account number, and then a payment amount. The payment amount is subtracted from the current balance.

Lab 3 Diagrams: