The Assignment:

Creating Wiki web pages & comments on general mainframe capabilities (on topics such as databases and high availability).

For the Lectures covering MF Capabilities (such as Databases - the class topics discussed on Mar 13, Mar 20, Mar 27, Apr 3, & Apr 17):
  • Each student will select one of the lecture topics (max of three students per topic). The student becomes one of the owners by editing one of the web pages (i.e. one of the web pages listed in MF Capabilities - for example, the Databases page) and adding your name as one of the owners. These students are now the "owner" of that topic.
    -- Topic to be selected by Feb 27 --
* The owner(s) (i.e. students) will create web pages describing topic (summarizing reading & lecture) – focusing on:
    1. A summary of capability
    2. An explanation of the difference in capabilities compared to other systems (such as Unix systems)
  • -- to be completed 3 days after the lecture (i.e. by end of day friday) --

  • Other students will post an interesting insight or questions (from reading, lecture or Wiki pages created by the owners)
  • The owning student(s) try to answer the questions -- by replying to the discussion post and also updating the web page. If the owning student(s) can not answer the question, this is then a potential topics for apr 10th and/or debate
  • Part of the final summary should include a list of:
    1. Open questions;
    2. How is this topic different on MF verses distributed system;
    3. How this info suggests when to use a MF or distributed system