Verification and Validation Documentation

The purpose of the Verification and Validation Documentation is to demonstrate the operation of the program, describe how it is run on the machine, and present evidence of program verification and validation.

Below is a very short outline. A more detailed description can be found here

Test Plan

  • Approach: How will you approach the task of showing your implemented software system works correctly? Describes the systematic approach to be taken.
* Test Cases and Test Data: Include a list of input data sets that thoroughly test the logic of the program and demonstrates that the program satisfies its requirements. For each set of test data, explain the requirement(s) it will exercise.

Test Results

  • Summary of V&V Results: Give a brief description of the results from your V&V activities. If there are problems that were not solved, you can describe them here.
* V&V Process: Provide a description of your experiences in following the plan you described in the test plan. Briefly describe and explain any changes that were needed.
  • Testing Outcome: Include a script file showing the results of running the program with the Test Data. The output listing should be marked, if necessary, so that corresponding input can be identified for each output. That is, if the test data or program logic being exercised by this test is not obvious, mark the output listing with this information.