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This web site has information on CSCI365 as well as general topics on enterprise applications mainframe computing.

Class announcements:

FINAL EXAM will be held during regular class time on Tuesday DEC 13th (6pm)

No class on Tuesday DEC 6th.

Final Exam Prep:

Check here for the latest updates to the course as covered in lecture and lab.

Adding Content to this web site

Almost all pages in this web site are editable (click on the edit button in the upper right part of the web page). Everyone is encouraged to add content to the web site (some of assignments will require you to update some of these web pages). Feel free to use this test page to learn how to use this Wiki space (there is also help if needed).

Note that in addition to update/creating web pages, you can (and should) be reviewing the "discussion" tab each of the pages (where you can post comments and reply to others that have posted comments).

Contact info

While there are no official "office hours", if you have questions, please send an email to either:
Noah Pascarell: njpascarell@gmail.com, njpascarell@mail.widener.edu.