Welcome to Introduction to Large-Scale Computing (CSCI 365).

The course aims to provide you with an understanding of how to create really large applications, which are often built on very large servers (also known as "mainframes").

Class format

The class is a combination of "lectures" (on topics such as high availability, reliability, and scalability) and hands-on "lab" assignments (for programming and accessing the mainframe). In some ways, the course is just like all your other courses – there is homework, projects and a final.
However, in many ways this course will be a unique. First, this course will teach you information that is not typically taught at most Universities – but is highly valued by many employers. In addition, your instructor has spent his working years building "very large applications" (across a range of computing platforms), not teaching students (which is why the course meets just one day a week).

Text for the course

Optional reading from the following:
  • Z-OS Basics, which is an online book (), written by IBM (in large part to help people understand how to use a mainframe)
  • Mainframe COBOL by Mike Murach, published by Mike Murach & associates, which is a hands-on book for understanding how to develop code in the mainframe environment. ISBNISBN 1-890774-24-3

Course Outline (Syllabus)

More information (such as readings and Lab assignments) are included in the Syllabus

Assignments / Grading

The weight for grading assignments and exams in the course are as follows:

5% lab 1
20% lab 2
20% lab 3
20% exams (2)
5% lab presentation
20% final exam
10% participation