The assignment to update our wiki consists of the following:
  • Each student will select one of the topics on the left (ex. Comparing Java and COBOL, Tips on using VSAM), or create a new topic (as long as you link to it within our wiki). This is done by editing this page and putting your name, and the page you will "own" -- note each person must own a different page.
  • Through the lectures, readings and labs, each student should create/update their respective topic. The content and format of the page should be what the person thinks will be most useful.
  • The wiki/web pages should contain some basic facts as well as some helpful hints that perhaps were hard for some of the the team members to figure out.
  • On April 28, each student will present (10 minute presentation) their web pages -- in other words, review their key findings / lessons learned.

Your grade will be based on how well the content has been updated (many of these pages were created/updated during a previous CSCI 388 class - some are still empty, some are very good, and others have content, but can be significantly improved). Your grade will aslo be based on how well you present/review the content to the rest of the class on april 29th.

Please edit this page to put your name and the page you will own:

Possible pages include:
Tips on using VSAM
Tips on using ISPF
Tips on using ISPF Editor
When to use Java vs Cobol

Mainframe Databases
Mainframe Transactions
Mainframe Security
Mainframe Reliability
Mainframe Connectivity